These Terms and Conditions are applied to any transactions done between Werofit and its Customers only. By using this website you agree to all the terms and conditions given below. Werofit reserves soulful rights to all of its products and any transaction between you and us constitutes an agreement between both Werofit and you.


  1. When you place an order for any product on our website, it indicates: A) Your interest in that product, and B) Your offer to purchase that product or products.
  2. Your placement of order is confirmed only after you have received a confirmation message from our side.
  3. While placing an order if any information is incomplete from your end, in such case our team will confirm the order only after clarification and confirmation of that incomplete information. It is your sole responsibility to provide all the information required for that order or if asked additionally.
  4. If the missing information is not communicated in 7 days, your order will be automatically canceled and you will be informed with an email and a text message right away.
  5. If you wish to make any changes or cancel the order, make sure you do it within 24 hours starting from when order is placed. If failed to do so, no refund will be provided.
  6. If in any event your order is canceled by our side, 100% refund will be provided with the same method by which payment was made.
  7. Per order there is a limit across which no products will be allowed to purchased.

Product Information

  1. We try our best to provide the product’s information as accurate as possible, and we ensure that no false information is updated on our website or any marketing channels. However, there can be some errors depending upon some situations which we try to correct as soon as possible.
  2. Some of the fabrics may look a little bit different in real life because of the brightness and resolutions of your device’s screen.

Product Availability

  1. The availability of our products depends on our suppliers and the transportation conditions because some of our fabrics are imported from outside. And thus it may cause some delay in transport.
  2. We make sure that all the unavailable products are marked clearly so that customers can identify them and look for other options which are available.


  1. For any pre-order suggestions regarding the customization, you can always contact to our styling expert. Customization options are available on our website but after placing your order if you wish to change your customization, you have to do it within the 24 hours of placing your order.

Price, Coupons and Discounts

  1. All the prices are basic prices of the products, if you want any customization which requires addition material the price may increase in respect of increased cost.
  2. Prices may vary on the type and quality of fabric which you want.
  3. All the discounted rates are final and limited to a specific time period and thus if you want to avail those discounts or coupons, you will have to order in that specific time only.
  4. All the discounts and coupons are limited to Werofit’s official website only, we are not responsible for other websites and on the other hand, only coupons provided by Werofit will be accepted and not from any other source.

Payments and Refunds

  1. All types of payments are accepted including UPI transfer also.
  2. Cash on delivery option is also available.
  3. The refundable amount will be refunded through the same method from which the payment was made.

Shipping and Delivery:

  1. As of now, the delivery is available only in Bangalore.
  2. Delivery is absolutely free and safe.
  3. If you receive damaged product you can return it directly to our delivery person.
  4. Signatures are mandatory at the time of receiving the order.
  5. Delivery will be done in two parts, first delivery will be for the first trial and if there is any alteration required, the second and final delivery will take place to ensure you receive the perfect garments made just for you.
  6. Your garments will be delivered to you within 5 working days (Excluding Saturday and Sunday) for the first trial. In the case of alteration, the garments will be delivered within next 2 working days of returning.

Alteration and Return:

  1. For any alterations and returns, if you feel your product is not how it should have been or it requires any alteration, you can return it to person at the time of first trial and delivery itself, or if you find out any alterations after delivery, you can contact us at our easy to remember Customer Care number +91-7265-00-7265. Alterations are free of cost.
  2. If there’s a mistake in measurement or customization from your side, it will be treated as alterations and no returns will be accepted.

Our Guarantee and Warranty

Werofit provides a 100% fitting guarantee which ensure that every garment you order from us fits you perfectly at the time of delivery. Our garments are made just for you. We also provide a 1 year product guarantee which is useful in case of color fading, fabric’s defects and clothing burst because of poor quality (Not possible though) of fabric. The guarantee is not applicable if the fabric is damaged due to other reasons such as bursting intentionally or with some sharp thing etc.

Customer Care:

Our Customer Care team is available 7 days a week from 9:00 AM to 9:00 PM, You can reach out to our Customer Care for any queries and issues regarding our products and services by simply dialling our easy to remember customer care number +91 7265-00-7265.